Monday, 27 July 2009

Helmet Finally Done..

Yeah.!! My helmet is finally done. not 100% up to my expectation, but can't complaint much with this sort of price...

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Bike Monkies T-Shirt !!?

Panning to make some T-Shirts based on this Blog... notice the Monky got Janggut & wear a ear ring just like me...

Omar & Donald in action

on my way home last night, caught this two loving bikers riding alone, so intimate & secretive not telling other members to ride with them....em..something fishy here..

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Air Brush work turn bad

Luckily went and the checked the progress of my helmet, found out the painter has make a mistake on the size of the text & the leaf, he had to redo it all over again, hope he can get it done by Friday...

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Thinking Small

Lately been riding a lot, gradually love to ride small bikes, specially anything less than 150cc, i find it is more fun than bigger bikes, although is slower but it provide more thrill than big i have decided for our routine Friday Day Night, regardless of Loong or Short Ride, i'll just go with small bike..

Old Skool Helmet in progress...

another 3 more days to be ready for my routine Friday Night Ride. right now it's done with the base colour, about to receive the graphic...

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Kota kinabaru Tour

Recieved an unexpected call from our group members last night, guys are hav
ing a meeting at one of the 24 hrs coffee shop at Gadong, the meeting agenda is planning to have a coffee at Mt.Kinabaru this coming Octorber. people who're interested for the Tour will get the detail in the coming month. So if you plan to join the ride, better get yourself fitter, it's going to be a Ass Cracking 7 hours ride to KK...

Before Modified my 125..

her old looks...

More Modification Works on My 125

This how my 125 looks now after some modification works and i decided to rename her "Street Rat"

This Bike is up for Sale again..

This Bike which i posted in June, is up for sale again, but this time the owner is willing to let IT go at a scrap price...about under 1k but still able to go down lower if the buyer is keen...interested parties can give me a call at +673 8770771 and i'll send you the detail of the present owner. by the way this bike doesn't have a BLUECARD currently, you have to find a way to solve it out....

a little bit more info of this bike.
1) Rigid Frame, but broken & re-weld at mid section. 2) No Rear Brake. 3) Bended Front Fork. 4)over tuned engine, keep back-fired. 5) and need a total paint work...

Thursday, 16 July 2009

My Helmet Design

This is my Helmet Design, any comment?

Old Skool Helmet

Bought a Old School Open Face Helmet yesterday n Limbang it's pretty cheap only cost me around 13 bucks, just send it for spray paint in kind of orange colour with CHIVAS logo..intend to have a 7o's old school looks, take about a week to be done, just wander how it will look like..?

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Trip to LImbang

A nice day to ride to Limbang , got up early and prepare myself for the trip, i get to the meeting point at around 7:15 am, thinking i'm the last guy to arrive, but turned out there are 3 more people are later than me. i'm not surprise people turn-up late specially after a night of heavy fact i'm surprise they can show-up....but although they show-up, some of them forgot to come with thier they have go back and get it.... so people who come late or come without passport, they don't get to have breakfast have to hit the road with empty belly, pity those guys who got drunk & vomited the night before....
Meeting Point : Indian Coffee Shop before Kuala Lurah.
brunch at Limbang Town...


after brunch, all out to this motor shop for our shopping franzy, quite some items there, price-wise some are cheaper but some are a little expensive than Brunei..


people starting to give ideals & comments what to buy and how to modified their bikes....just same as JKR, one job too many engineers & foremen../
while others are busy shopping, some sit around & chilled out.
one side mirror & too many engineers, everyone started to give ideals once someone bought some thing new to install...
finally got myself a used front fender for my bike, a second hand one is better than nothing when comes to rainy day.. later on the return trip i really appreciated it...i can ride in the rian now.
installing Brake Strobe Light..
as usual before our return trip, we have our group photo taken at Limbang Recreation Park..

Start to Rain

half-way on our way back to Brunei, the sky turned dark, it start to rain heavily, we were all wet & cold, but luckily have no problem crossing the border check point
once we crossed the border check , we head to a Indian Coffee Shop for a Comfort Stop.....really need some thing freezing..
everyone are wet & cold, need some hot drinks to keep our core temperature up...

Sunday, 12 July 2009

HM Birthday Ride to LIMBANG

we are planing a ride to LIMBANG on 15th July, trip will start around 6-7am & return around noon, plan to get somne bike staff at guys prepare more CASH..


After our usual Friday Night Ride, i decide to have a change, thinking of having a Day Time Country Side we head out to Sg. Kebun, it's pretty relax, just take our time ,no usual we have a comfort stop at the Village to have some drinks & Smokes.. afetr that we continue our ride to The Jerudong Beach...and take in the Beutiful Padi Field Scenerie along the way..
Final Stop at Serasa Beach.. Lots of Bikes hanging around the parking lot..Touring Bikes, Sport Bikes, Cruiser & Kupchai..

Friday, 10 July 2009

STIG is 39 now..

STIG is celebrating his 39 years old birthday today..

STIG's Birthday....

having a drinks with his friends,
Cola only... no Beer.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

R1 on the Track..

Finally Arrive

After the waiting and all the ordeal happen at Singapore Port, Finally Biker Nick's New Yamaha Fazer 600 naked Bike has touch down, but yet to wait for register...

Biker JW's New Ride..

After selling his VX535, now he is getting a bike triple the power form his old bike..ladies & gentlemen allow me to present you his new ride The Yamaha Drag Star 1600

Another Stop at Anduki Recreation Park..


After our cigarette break, suddenly someone decide to have a REAL PHOTO SESSION with thier bike, so this is how it turn-out...everyone start to act cool...