Wednesday, 30 September 2009

First Timer

notice what proof her a first time rider..?

Answer : her helmet is the other way round.

wake-up call to lazy bikers

this is what happen if a bike haven't been ride for sometimes, it will infuse with the surrounding...and die.

Yamaha RoadStar 1600 for sale

Yamaha RoadStar 1600cc, owner keep it at tip-top condition, spotless clean, lots of power and run with a VERY beautiful exhauls sound. this bike is equip with tons of HIGH END brand accessories & parts ( no CHEAP things on this bike )and original parts as well.

Selling Price : $13,000 (o.n.o.)

ps: this bike sleep indoor not outside the house.

if interested call me at +673 8770771...

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Half Broneo GP Photos pt01

due to some dispute regarding the result of this Half Borneo GP Race, the organizer are hereby posting all the race photos for the racers to choose their own winner photos...

Half Broneo GP Photos pt02

Half Broneo GP Photos pt03

Tank Protector

A good way to protect your tank short term..created by Mr. Safety Tank JS.
1. Clean the tank.
2. a roll of Paper Tape / Polymer Tape for a shining looks.
3. JUST stick the tape on your tank.

this will protect your tank from minor scratches. and can easily remove & replace with any color or design (if you're creative enough ) . been proven during our long trip to Kota Kinabalu and even up to Mt. Kinabalu in Heavy rain..A1 Good Good..

Any More Long Ride..?

After the KK trip, i know some of the guys ( actually including me la..)are itching for more LONG RIDE, just wander where should we go next & when...?

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Clean-up After Tour...

This is how R1 Wei CLEAN his bike, instead of clean it at home by himself, he send the bike to BM Supply to strip down the fairing and give the bike a in-side out cleaning.....

Friday, 25 September 2009

Arriving at Marina Court, KK

Sample of Rain Gear

Proper Rain Gear...

Daft Punk Pants.....

After a Day of Hard Riding

Everyone are Knocked off..!

Video : Flying Lap at Tuaran

Video : Flying Lap at Mt. KK

Cruising at Lawas

after a good lunch at Terusan, we are well charged and can speed up a bit...

Biker Edger is Flying down the small Kampong road....