Sunday, 13 September 2009

Mysterious Bike..!?

this canvas covered Dirt Bike has been parking at Kiulap for few months...never see any one start it or claim it...


  1. Bike belongs to Mr.Loo, the boss of BIT computers. Its a Yamaha Serow XT225 (same bike as "Lois on the loose" for those that know.)
    It was just recently brought back to running condition after 5 years of neglect parked in the Yayasan underground car park.
    I made an offer to buy it off him 3 years ago in the dilapidated condition it was in at that time but his price was over my budget at 1.8k (yikes!):(

  2. ..and can you imagine how much that neck-slither is gonna sell now...

  3. i think jason's scramble bike like tis oso, at home never use.haha......