Sunday, 14 March 2010

BarHog is Dead..

met my friend at Serasa this afternoon, and shocked to found out that after months of waiting he still haven't got his BarHog roaring, cos after all the technical inspections the dealer still can't get his bike register due to that Land transport Dept will not approve the Spring Seat on the my understanding the other American bikes " Crossbone" have a spring seat too...maybe the dealer have too little Horsepower to push thier products....
so my friend decided to drop the order, so if any one interested of getting this bike it's stll with the dealer...

1 comment:

  1. maybe just reasons....anyways, that seat looks too custom with no paddings and a mountain bike shocks whereas the crossbone has a whole couch with a whole cow covered and stitched on it, i guess complex plus quality won them over, the guys at LT should be judges for bikeshows, that way all baggers and big toilet seated bikes can win.- just my point of view. no hog members were harm during the making of this comments, forever two wheels.