Saturday, 26 June 2010

BIIBBF2010 - The Conclusion

been optimistic and looking forward to the 11th BIIBBF for the pass few days, but when the time comes and actually at the festival itself, it turned out not what i'm expected....

the bike festival appear to be more like a roadside bikers hang-out rather than a bike fest filled with proper lighting, proper set-up bike dealer display, bike shows, live entertainments, motorcycle related competitions and etc..and on top of that, the festival does not appear to be connecting with the rest of the bikers community, witnessed some unregistered bikers been ask to leave or denied enter the fest...such prestigious event should benefit the whole bikers community, general public & tourists and take the opportunity to promote the positive bikers image to the public, instead of just confine within the registered bikers only....but regardless of all that mention above, the organizer still deserved the credit for organizing such prestige event at our doorstep, maybe with some proper planing and execution, they might do better in the future event...


  1. good one!i could'nt agree more, except if you ask for a better future for the BIIBBF, i dont think it's gonna happen, actually they're going on the reverse mode, BIIBBF "Used" to be always an awesome turnout, but it's been on...and i dare say, at a "Shitty" state for these past few years back events even "Away", but at least when it's been relayed to Brunei, we will always try to make the most and the best of it, you should've seen the state of how they handled BIIBBF across the borders for these past year, compare, then you judge who "At least" organized the event best if not comment on my FB status says..."Same old Lame-O" but at least i met old friends and made new ones from the other countries, i personally too was upset and dissapointed by the way they scrutinized each one of us for the registration "Pass", it's understandable that it is an event, but they could at least just let the other bikers into the event and charge at least 5 bucks per head to be in the events area if "Money" was the issue, i have to admit, even me and my MG were used to doing a" main langgar" style in the past years of attending BIIBBF even when it was still called the Bibbf(noticed the missing "i") but everytime we brought in new unregistered bikers, once they saw what was happening and how they wanted to "Belong", some of them are now registered with "Pemoda", and i cannot stress this matter any harder, the commitee had better do their homeworks on how to better their "Association"( which untill now i dont think they really understand the meanings and purpose of an Association)but then again, who are we??, just your local 1%er....99% of society will only look down and judge us on whatever we do, we may walk,talk,dress like outlaws and maybe half even have a slight stint of the "Outlaw" ways but c'mon, reality check, we eat,sleep,shit,send our kids to school,pay our bills just like tell me how are we different?? besides being extra cool cos we ride....

  2. Pemoda needs to organise a real(BSB real own) bike-week (or weekend) annually. No registration,no crap...every biker(or biker at heart) can join. stalls,food,bike parts,clothing,rides,fun & games,doa selamat..
    and everything for a good cause or charity, say for tabung anak yatim etc.
    sedakah seangkat-angkat hati...

    p/s: we need music/live band for the event man..
    band yg main lagu rock classic jadi tah..

  3. come come come... we all go Phuket next year for the bikes riding la!!!

  4. yes..we already booked ticket...5days 4 nights riding there with rental kapcai...