Wednesday, 15 September 2010

East or West..?

After seeing Danny Boy's new shoe, than i realize lately i'm beginning to feel the pinch form buying tire for my bike, 3 front tires & 3 rear tires in 12 months, and soon need to get another set again...still wondering what should i get next, Japanese Dunlop or the original Harley Davidson Dunlop.

no doubt Harley's Dunlop tire will easily out last Japanese made Dunlop in term of mileage, BUT the price of a locally purchased Harley Dunlop tire is ridiculously high compared to the Jap Dunlop....1 American = 2.5 Japanese, no wonder most harley owners ride in the weekends, maybe is about time to order on-line....
Harley' Dunlop Tire

Japanese made Dunlop

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