Friday, 22 October 2010

Night Ride turn ugly....

friend of mine just got trashed...crashed into a stupid car which came out from junction without paying attention to the on coming bike....pretty bad for the bike and thanks to the safety gear he wore, dude sustained a dislocated shoulder and some road scratches once again..ride safe guys....

photos extracted from dude's bro...


  1. haihh... another one. u should put one whole post about defensive riding. there seems to be lots of idiots in around. we bikers should always remember to ride defensively.

    one good example is during night riding. the roads are empty. biker speeds up. junction up ahead. biker and bike miraculously become invisible to car idiot. BANG!

  2. Hi bro, do you think you have more pictures taken from this accident? Please send them to me as i need them for my case. thanks bro.