Tuesday, 23 November 2010

The Toughest Road Trip Ever

Finally the day has come, we are all ready for the ride to TAWAU SABAH, via the NABAWAN mythical gravel route to TAWAU...we have chosen this route for its shorter traveling distance although we have to ride on 150kms of gravel road which we know nothing about its condition....but it is worth to try....we expect this to be normal point A to B and back to point A kind of ride liked what we used to did before, but it turn out to be the Toughest PAN-SABAH RIDE we ever have.....

Distance Traveled : 1700+kms

Total Time : 84 hours

Total Traveling Time : 38 hours

Longest Traveling Time : 18 Damn hours

Weather Condition : 50% Sunny and 50% Storm

Road Condition : Tarmac, Gravel, Mud, Water and countless of Road kills + Elephant Crossing warning sign.

Type of Bikes : Adventure, Dual Purpose, Naked and Cruiser.

No. of Bikers : 13

Trip Summary : with the limited time given & less suitable machine to ride with, this road trip will only be suitable for insane people...but we enjoyed it to the fullest, and proud of doing it.....but will I do it again...? not until I got the right bike for this...be the 1st person to ride through these with a Harley Davidson Sportster....once is more than enough.

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