Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Carver One

recently came across people talking about saving energy on Earth Hour & not using plastic shopping bags on the Earth Day to save our planet, but to my opinion the fossil fuel we burned & carbon dioxide that we emitted during our daily commuting are the worse, as a biker i always consider motorcycle are one of the way to conserve energy & emit less carbon into the air.

But most people are reluctant to ride motorcycle either due to the safety issue or the natural elements such as raining or hot sunny day...that show people still can't step-out of their comfort zone of using cars as transport although everyone knows that it's a wasted of energy and space ( average only 1.5 person per car)...so what's the ideal transportation of future..?

" Carver One" are one of the answer.

A three wheels motorcycle with tilting cabin which can accommodate 2 persons, low fuel consumption, less pollution, take up less space yet can travel in comfort and carry good numbers of cargo...this is the alternative that combined the best of motorcycle & cars....wish we can get this in the near future, i really don't mind to trade this with my SUV....

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