Wednesday, 5 May 2010

An Unexpected Visitor

Yesterday morning while warming up my bike, an unexpected visitor turn-out at the door step...A gentleman form Vancouver, Canada. At first i thought he need help for direction, but turn out he is a bike builder on holiday who just want to say hi to me cos i'm a fellow biker who share the same interest as him...but after reading his name card Mr. Danny Lim, i realize i'm no mach to this gentleman....he is way out off my league..

He ain't no normal bike builder, he is a well-known vintage Harley bike builder / restorer in Vancouver Canada...from our short conversation i understand he was originally from Brunei & migrated to Canada backed in the 70's, now he own a Vintage Harley motorcycle shop call GYPSY MOTORCYCLES, specialist in building or restore old Harley Davidson motorcycle before 74' models, after our conversation i offer to bring him around to understand our local motorcycle culture & development, so i'm looking forward to receive his call.....

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