Monday, 30 November 2009


Is rainy season now, the weather is very unpredictable, it can be sunny in one minute & raining next.. and our Sandakan trip is just around the corner so decide to get my-self a pair of weather proof Riding Boots & a set of Rain Suit..

bought a Italian Riding boots from BM Supply for $200+ and a copied (ARAI) Rain Suit from bike apparel shop at Berakas for 50 bucks..the reason of buying a original boots over a copy is the difference of pricing..a fake brand boots can easily cost close to a original no point getting a fake...but getting a copied Rain Suit is all because of can't get a good Rain suit with proper size to fit alway too large & long for me...should have eat more during my teenage time so can grow taller...

it has been raining whole day today, so it's good time to try out the boots & rain put the gear on and start riding in the rain and this is the result...

the boots performed well, keeping both of my feet dry & cool but the rain suit is a dissapointment, genarally it works well accept for the badly done cross seam around the balls area, water keep sipping through & give me a wet & freezing balls...this proof that a fake can never perform as well as a the boss who sold this to me better exchage another one..

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