Friday, 13 November 2009

Routes Of Sandakan Tour

After some so-call "brain storming" & "intensive research" (with some help of Progressive Trance music..the type of music that come with the beat of dok..dok..dok..dok all the time) SE & I have drafted out a ideal routes (based on timing, weather condition & physical abilities) for the coming December BSB Sandakan Trip...

1st Day - BSB-Limbang-Lawas-Sipitang-Boufort-KK = +/- 330km

2nd Day - KK-Ranau-Sandakan = +/-350km

3rd Day - Sandakan-Kundasan = +/- 270km

Final Day - Ranau-Keningau-Sipitang-Lawas-Limbang-BSB = +/-450km

Total distances of the trip = +/- 1400KM..just nice for any new bikes to break-in...

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