Thursday, 5 November 2009


A new Bike is in Town now,The Yamaha R15. (pronounce R one five according the INDIAN). this bike is designed by India Yamaha Motor exclusively for the Indian market, launched in 2008 and now is in Brunei.

This bike is equip with a fuel injected 149.8cc single cylinder liquid cool engine, font & rear Disc Brake ( not Brambo) Monocross suspension ( also not OLIN) & Telescopic Front Fork + 6 speed transmission. tiny bike with 6 speed...but with this kind of selling prize can't complaint much though...

technically it inherit (or COPY) the DNA form the infamous YZF R1 & R6..just make it in a smaller & cheaper version for India market..but generally it's a good bike for beginner rider who require a light weight, nimble, user friendly yet sporty looking bike. R15..

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  1. hahaha seen this bike before..ahaha very small la mcm kapcai..hahaha